Our team of experts has played a leading role in cost management of hotels, resorts and mixed-use developments around the world. This experience has enabled us to build an expert knowledge of cost benchmarks and the factors that drive them.

Our holistic processes, focused on value, help clients to set the right budget. Our proactive cost management techniques then ensure that we manage risks and that the budget is spent in the best way to meet the client’s objectives.

This process continues throughout design, procurement and construction to help deliver the project within budget.

We take a hands-on approach to project management that delivers successful projects for our clients.

We help our clients formulate their objectives and then lead the project team to realise them. As part of this process, we foster good relationships between a range of stakeholders including owner, operator and developer.

Our long-standing focus on hotels, resorts and mixed-use developments has given us a deep understanding of the specialist nature of these projects. This enables us to assemble teams of designers and contractors that are exactly right for the project and achieve the desired outcome.

In this extension of our project management services, we assist the client with the creation of a development idea, helping to test the viability of alternative options, describing and documenting the opportunity and assisting in creating a practical plan to make it a reality.

Our expertise in the inception and delivery of major hospitality and mixed-use projects allows us to provide our clients with expert advice. Where necessary we can also draw on the services of strategic partners in design and finance.

Once the opportunity has been established we can then project-manage its delivery to a successful conclusion.

Our team has worked on numerous projects to refurbish, rebrand or renew assets. We help our clients understand what can be done with their assets to protect and enhance their value. We understand the issues and complications of working within occupied buildings on tight budgets and how to successfully manage the constraints.

To optimise the performance of hotels, resorts and mixed-use developments it is vital to maintain and improve the assets. These assets require a constant cycle of refurbishment that becomes more significant as they increase in age. Equally, the business environment changes and the amenities that an asset offers can become out-dated and need to be refreshed and re-targeted.